Acting as a Teacher or Catalyst

There are many individual reasons for a soul to come to the physical realm but the general purpose is very simple. We enter this realm with the intent to raise our frequency, to become closer in frequency to the Source from which we come. Some souls enter this realm with the sole/soul role of teacher and teach by example. Other souls enter the realm with the sole/soul purpose of being a catalyst. Most souls enter this realm with a combination of roles to act out. Changing frequency is not an easy process and we contract to experience many lessons designed to provide us with the opportunity to make the change.

Every lesson requires either a teacher or a catalyst, a soul with whom we have contracted to provide us with the lesson and opportunity.
Every soul acts as a teacher or catalyst for others, providing lessons and opportunities to change. Every soul has the free will to learn or to change or not, but the opportunities will continue to manifest, becoming more and more difficult to ignore. There is, after all, a contract in place that involves an intent to learn this lesson.

The role of catalyst is not an easy role to assume. When we contract to be the catalyst for another soul, we do so out of great love. It takes great love to make the sacrifice needed to provide the experience required for another soul to recognize the need for change.
One of the lessons we are all meant to learn is that we are all one; another, we are all worthy of unconditional love and acceptance. There are many ways we can get closer to these soul truths. In order to know these soul truths we contract with a teacher or catalyst to provide us with the necessary opportunity.

When an experience leaves us with a belief that we have been abandonned and thus we are not worth of love, we are faced with the choice to remain in that belief or leave that belief. It is very difficult to leave that belief because there is so much vested. This is our current frequency – to leave this familiar frequency requires a leap of faith and a willingness to sacrifice the known in the belief that there is something better.

Like a bird leaving the nest for the first time, not knowing how to fly, but believing in that “better” enough to take the risk. Until we take the risk all of our decisions are based upon the belief that we are not worthy of love. This becomes our truth and we look to translate experiences into proof that our truth is justified. Teachers and catalysts will continue to provide us with opportunities to learn a different truth. There will be more abandonments until we recognize that we are all one and thus incapable of being abandoned.

We are all worthy of unconditional love and acceptance and the degree to which we can express that is directly related to the degree with which we unconditionally love and accept our self. When we judge others, we judge our self. When we walk by a person sleeping on cardboard in an alley and feel pity, it is a judgement. When we judge, we compare what we see and how we perceive our self. This comparison results in a feeling of superiority or inferiority. Every “homeless” person we encounter is a catalyst, meant to challenge our unconditional love and acceptance. Every time we find ourselves in a space of judgement we are facing a catalyst, challenging us to find ourselves in what we see.